Settling In

14 07 2005

I am looking forward to life settling down a little and all of us settling in. I don’t have especially high hopes of that happening, but it’s nice to think about. I think it will happen, though.

I came home from work yesterday and found that Tam had unpacked and arranged everything in the “Wood Room” so that it looked wonderful! I call it the wood room because I am not sure what else to call it. It is the only room in the house that has all hardwood floors. It’s not really a living room, and it’s not just a dining room, though this is its primary function. This room is the first room you enter when you come in the front door. We have a couch along the left wall (because it’s too big to take downstairs into the living room, and there’s already a couch down there that’s too big to get out of the place, so the owner left it for us instead of chopping it up and removing it in pieces–it’s a nice couch downstairs so we are glad to have it there!) and a couple of bookshelves. The stairs down are across the room to the right, and the kitchen is further to the right (a right u-turn from the front door will land you at the kitchen counter). Between the stairs and the kitchen we have our fridge (a second fridge since the place comes with its own), and the stand-up freezer. In the move, we acquired a second clothes dryer, so it’s currently next to the freezer until we decide we want it downstairs in place of the other dryer or not. I joked during dinner last night that it looked like I was eating in the appliance department showroom floor…LOL!

For a housewarming gift, since this will be our home for the longest period so far in our marriage, I bought a nice little wall clock that does Westminster (and one other kind of) chimes every quarter-hour and it’s now on the wall in the Wood Room. Hearing that clock reminds me of home as a child when an old German Grandfather clock in our living room would sound of like it. It’s fun, and the kids love it when it gongs the number of hours.

This place is really shaping up to be a place that feels like home. I just wish it felt like that outside the door. There is no place for the kids to play unsupervised. With the population being what it is in the condo complex, it’s hard to feel safe letting the kids just run around and play at will. We have good reason to fear child molestors or other dangers. To remind us how legitimate our concerns are, there’s this website ( that keeps us grounded. It ties into Google Maps and the Utah Sex Offenders List to show us how many offenders are within a mile of our home. SCARY!

Here’s a view of our last place we lived, and who was nearby as a threat to our kids!

This guy lived just around the corner!

I am not going to post the address to our new place here publicly. If you know us, you have our address through other means. But know that there are actually EIGHT offenders living within a mile of our place now. The last place (and there is no way you could have guessed it by driving the cozy little neighborhood) had SEVEN. Unbelievable. At least in the last place, the kids could ride their bikes across the street to play with their friends and we weren’t too concerned. There were fewer people to get to know, and people who didn’t belong there stood out. In the new place, we live in condos, and there are just too many people to get to know them all, too many coming and going, too many visitors, too many ways for someone who doesn’t belong to go unnoticed. And that offender list is only of people who got caught…there are more of them…

Our goal is to be ready to move in a year into a much safer place where kids can play freely, and we can really settle in for a while. Here’s hoping!


The End of a Chapter…

7 07 2005

…and I have to admit that it is a relief, albeit a frustrating one.

Last night we went to the old house to finish up all the cleaning, and found that the water was off. Well, there would be no cleaning without water, so back home we went. I would have called the landlord, but it was 10:00 pm, and I thought that would be too late to bother him. Tam would be back today to finish then, after stopping by the city to reconnect the water first. When she arrived at the house at Noon, the landlord was already there with a cleaning lady! WHAT?!?! He told Tam that he was afraid we were not going to get things done in time for the new tenants to move in this weekend, so he decided to have someone come in and finish for us. UNBELIEVABLE! Not a single word to us about it. Just showed up. He had our cell phone number, and could have called. That’s lame. No doubt he is going to deduct that cleaning cost from the deposit he is supposed to refund us.

So Tam got the last of our garbage and cleaning supplies out of there (vacuum, mop, brooms, chemicals, etc.) and took off, calling me to let me know what happened.

Oh, we are going to have words. Yes we are…and I will have lots to say when we do…

Moving Limbo

4 07 2005

As of this moment, it feels like we are in moving limbo. We have 80% of our stuff at the new place, and are still finishing cleaning this place. The last thing to take down is the computer. Tam says this is because she is listening to yahoo music, so of course, it must stay online to the last minute. 🙂

But it’s good that it is still up because I can post this during a break from the final boxing and cleaning. So here I sit while the sweat dries and cakes onto provious layers. All of our stuff is still in boxes and mostly in the front room at the new place. We collapsed last night on mattresses and slept for 7 hours before forcing ourselves up and at it again.

Here is an interesting observation. We have had NO HELP from the neighbors here at the old place. We have had a UHaul parked in the driveway for 2 days now, and not a single person has so much as offered to help except one person across the street (which was for a time that we couldn’t really use the help anyway). Most people avert their glances as they pass by. Very interesting. There were about 20 people from the neighborhood here when we moved in on X-Mas Eve to help us unpack. But then again, the neighbors have been less then social during the week with us. I guess social hour is between 11am and 2pm on Sundays, and if we miss that, we just aren’t being friendly neighbors.

Last night, we had about 8 people show up out of nowhere to help us unload the stuff from our truck. They were very friendly, of course. They had a good time examining our belongings, comparing our condo with theirs, and scratching the wood floor, doors, walls, and furniture. 😉 I wonder if they will find us unfriendly neighbors if we don’t join them for social time each Sunday as well? I hope not, because (ok, I am a little biased here) we are pretty nice people, and generally quite well-behaved. Time will tell, eh?

Well, back to the cleaning and packing the last stuff in the truck for final departure from this address…