I will protect you…

7 08 2006

It’s been a tough few weeks, with all the news of a little girl named Destiny that popped up in the news so suddenly. I didn’t know the little lady, though she lived less than 20 miles away. But her name is what first caught my eye.


You see, Destiny is also the name of a special little girl in my life. And so to read the tragedy of this innocent little girl that died less than a short car ride away, and to know she shares the name of another girl that I hold in my heart of hearts so dear.

She’s been around for quite some time, helping in small, unseen ways. I love her dearly, and I fear for her in this, all too often, terrible world we live in.

dear sweet child


i saw the news today and there was your name
only it belonged to another sweet child, now of tragic fame.
she vanished one night from her own backyard
friends and strangers searched near and far
but no one could find her for more than a week
hope was waning and the future looked bleak


where was the girl to be found?


two doors down?


that poor 5 year old girl was dead and abused
at the mercy of the pervert now accused.
what kind of world do we live in, my sweet?
it makes me want to make a retreat
and take you away to somewhere secure
some place safer than her’s for sure


i will protect you




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