Christmas Piano!

28 12 2007

We were very fortunate this year to have run into the makers of some very special customized pianos. They are called Piano Pals, and this is the first of their line.

These “collectable” kid pianos are really cool…and the kids love it. They want to be on it all day long! Time to arrange for lessons!


Who is Jim Dickinson?

9 12 2007

I have often asked myself that very question. I seem to be a person in constant development and change. I do, and have done, many things; and I expect my experiences to continue in many vast and varied ways. Who I am today is not all the same as who I was last year at this time, or will be next year. So this blog will fill in details of my ever-changing life, and evolution of my being. I don’t think I have ever really paid out my life like this in a blog before, so this is going to be new territory for me, and honestly there is some trepidation.

Hopefully there will be something interesting here for you to read. While this is the “first” post to this blog. I am going to move a few posts from another site where I put up some meaningful things…and bring them over here so there is once place to find it all.