18 07 2011

Wow…has it really been 2  years since I posted something here? Pretty close I guess. The reason is that I have other venues for posting my ramblings and thoughts that I have grown to use more. There’s Facebook and LinkedIn to name just a few. One of my hobbies is gaming, so I have a different place to post about that as well. Why have these places overshadowed here? Well, I have just wondered this myself, and it has inspired this post.

I think the biggest reason that comes to mind is the control I have over the audience. In Facebook, I can control my friends list, and so I post things that I only want friends and family to see there. It is also very easy to share to Facebook. Easier than here. Facebook also lets me have a page for my business, so I can connect with customers that way as well. This blog is jut plain old “public”…and in some ways sharing information that way is just a little scary.

I tend to be just fine with not sharing some of this stuff with the whole world. Not that any of you really care what I post about (with some rare exception, I think), so I think I will just write stuff here that I think is great for the whole world to see, and keep the rest to my closer circles. 🙂 No offense, ok?




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