May 05 – My wife the proofreader

5 05 2005

So I added some cool features to a training DVD I made, and thought I would bring it home to show off to my beloved partner, friend, lover, and wife. Add to that list, proofreader.

I popped my final product into the DVD player and showed her the cool special effects and features I added. She was impressed…and then pointed out a couple of spelling typos in some of the text later in the video. AAAAARRRRGH!!! How many people at work had already seen draft after draft of these videos, and my brilliant wife is the only one to catch the typos?!?! What the heck?!?!

My dearest friend has saved me from some real embarrassment later! She is brilliant. I love her so dearly. I just need to learn to bring stuff home more often for her to see so she can catch these kinds of things BEFORE I make the final DVD!!!!

So here I am at work this morning, finishing the re-rendering of the DVD since I really hate stupid mistakes in my work. I don’t consider myself a perfectionist, but I am a picky sort. So it’s burning to a new DVD right now, and will be used in 40 minutes for the next training session. Ugh…clock’s tickin’!

Thanks Beloved! You are awesome!


April 27 – 8 Months of Wonder!

27 04 2005

Today marks the 8 month anniversary of my UberMarriage! This has been the sweetest 8 months of my life. It must be a rare thing to be married to the one person who truly completes you in every way.

I used to think, back when I was a kid, that there was a single Mrs. Right for me. I met Tammy and knew she was the one. But later, when we were separated by huge distances, and life-changing misunderstandings and assumptions occurred, I was so broken by it that I no longer believed there could be just one person that is perfect for me.

I settled into the notion adopted by all of my peers and teachers…that there is no ONE person, but that it could be ANYONE who wants to grow with you, experience life with you, and shares your beliefs and goals. So I met someone that SEEMED to be like that, and married her. That single act brought on over a decade of unhappiness and abuse, and not just for me but also for a child born of that marriage.

And so while bringing an ultimate end to that hideous relationship, I felt a strong need to look for Tammy. God’s hand guided me swiftly, and suddenly the beginning of an incredible and beautiful reuniting began…

And now we have been married 8 months. It’s much later in our lives, and I still feel deep regret for missing so much with her, but I look to the future where the light is brighter than I ever imagined it could be!!!

Today, I celebrate how heaven smiled upon me, and made me whole again!